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Get personalized personal training in Miami at Body and Way of Life Fitness. Achieve your fitness goals with expert guidance at our gym in Miami or Online.

One-On-One Personal Training

Personalized Just for YOU
My one-on-one personal training programs both in-person in Mimai and online are available for individuals of all ages, not just adults. We will work together to find a system that works best for your body and lifestyle.

Group Training Services

One Hour Sessions
Body and Way of Life Fitness was founded to help make fitness accessible to those who prefer a more individual or personalized approach both in-person in Miami and online. Our promise is to help people from all walks of life achieve their individual health and fitness goals — no matter their shape, age, and experience.

About Body and Way of Life

Training For Life
Since a young age I have been involved in the fitness world, beginning with Judo which helped transform my own personal life and introduced me to incredible mentors and fitness individuals around the world. I encompass this experience to help amplify my passion of a healthy lifestyle on to you and those you love.

Top-Rated Personal Trainer in Miami

Unlock your fitness potential with personalized Personal Training in Miami at Body and Way of Life Fitness. Our experienced personal trainers will create a customized workout plan tailored to your goals and abilities. Receive expert guidance, motivation, and accountability as you work towards achieving your fitness aspirations. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build strength, or improve overall fitness, our dedicated personal trainers will support you every step of the way. Train in a state-of-the-art gym facility in Miami equipped with top-notch equipment and a welcoming atmosphere or online. Experience the transformative power of Personal Training and start your fitness journey with us today.

Client Testimonials

They Say it Best!

An excellent Trainer and very knowledgeable about health and fitness!!!

Sandra Gabriel Lmt

Awesome learning experience with Jon, it is very personalized and I’m glad I chose him as my teacher for self defense. My confidence has definitely improved since I began training and I extremely recommend him.

Jose T.

We have been very happy with Jon Paul, who has been very professional and motivational in our training sessions, and is flexible and thoughtful regarding what adapting goals and activities to our needs. We are two busy professionals and his desire to respond to our scheduling constraints but also find means to support our training goals even with our busy lives. Thus far we couldn’t be happier, and are looking forward to pursuing our goals with his support.

Mark A.

I have been training now with Jon Paul for the last few months now and he is by far the best trainer I have ever had. He creates hard workouts but unlike other trainers he really listens to what I want and curates each session to my needs. He is knowledgeable, professional, and kind. He actually makes training fun! I highly recommended Jon Paul!

Scott H.

If you need a personal trainer Jon Paul is the person you need. I have nothing but high praises for him. Professional, takes interest in his clients, responds to all questions quickly. He also knows how to mix up training so your body is always surprised and never bored. He’s always on time and will work with your schedule. Best part he comes to you! Give him a try you will not be disappointed.

Andre G.

I’ve been training with JP for about a year. He is very attentive and helps you stay focused. He has a positive attitude and outlook, which is truly infectious. I appreciate that JP has pushed me to try things I would not do on my own. I highly recommend him!

Angelica B.

Jon Paul is amazing! My transformation has been incredible since he started training me. He is highly motivating and the real deal. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for the best personal trainer in town!

Lori Z.


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